Idea and goal

What is our life going to look like in the following decades? Science-fiction authors and screenwriters are trying to outdo one another in creating visions of our world’s future. But just how realistic are those visions? There are as many ambiguities as there are spheres of life; and on top of that, all of them undergo changes dictated by the progress of technology and science. On the one hand, we have advantages and convenience; on the other hand, we have questions about people’s safety and position in this new reality.

Can smart, integrated, AI-based systems contribute to development or maybe even to radical changes in the structures of the present labour market?

How much is public transport going to change over the years in the context of combating traffic jams and emission of harmful substances?

Will bioponic farms appear in cities in order to provide eco-friendly products?

Will implants replace organs that need a transplant, and will they be reserved only for life-threatening situations, or will a new, implant-based sector of cosmetic surgery come into existence?

Future Talks is Poland’s sole cycle of prestigious interdisciplinary meetings dedicated to the future, combining a modified fireside chat with a moderated discussion, during which specialists answer questions previously asked by the participants.

The atypical formula of the meetings allows the participants to get to know specialists of various spheres of life, technology and science, and their views, but also allows them to obtain answers to their specific questions. Moreover, the audience are able to exchange their views, participate in a discussion and establish business relations.

The project has been born of its creators’ fascination with the opportunities provided by innovative solutions and modern technologies when combined with human intelligence, but also of the reflection upon the potential of artificial intelligence and automation of an increasingly high number of spheres of life.  The creation of FT has also been motivated by the will to educate on the development through innovations, and to get ready for changes caused by the constant development of technology and science.

Terms and Conditions


Łukasz Wilczyński

Anna Wilczyńska

Albert Lewandowski

Anna Karahan, PhD